It's official... We've launched our brand new site today!

Officially launching the brand new site today!  With that being said, I'm pretty sure no one will read this right away.  But that is ok! Everything starts from somewhere right?  For those that do read this post (eventually), I want you to know that there are many exciting new articles, tutorials, and reviews coming soon and thank you for letting me talk to you from the past.  Maybe by the time you read this, they are already published lol.

What is about? 

Well, as a developer I spend a lot of time googling answers to common tech or coding issues.  I would peek at a blog here, a resource there, or other loathsome places you may find in this world wide web of ours.  Then I thought, maybe I should stop being a jerk and give back.  Especially when I find solutions to problems where google has 0 to 3 search results with nothing helpful.

What can you expect in the near future?

This site was made with the new Spring Boot using Spring 4, Thymeleaf, and many other new components.  So, the first few articles coming up will show snippets and example code using these latest libraries.  Also, as a side project, I am working on some Artificial Intelligence designs.  I really want to hold a verbal conversation with my computer.  Which means you get to see this code in action as well.  Lucky you =)


It has been hard work getting the site up and running for your convenience in these past couple of weeks. While I’ve got everything looking pretty good, there are still a few odds and ends to clean up. So, if anything looks out of sorts, just bear with me a little bit longer.

I hope you enjoy this new site as much as I enjoyed making it...


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